DefineMe Creative Studio Unveils New Barbie® Fragrance Celebrating Nostalgia

DefineMe Creative Studio Unveils New Barbie® Fragrance Celebrating Nostalgia

Just in time for the summer of Barbie®

There are icons and there are ICONS. Fans all over the globe know there is one name that is synonymous with a timeless symbol of empowerment and she is: Barbie®! The influential cultural figure has played a role in the lives of generations of fans worldwide, captivating imaginations, encouraging dreams, introducing careers, and sparking a love for fashion.

Hot pink Barbie Eau de Parfum bottle on a light pink background

From 1959 to today, Barbie® has evolved and remained aspirational. Her current style has bloggers inspired, influencers fawning, and her career path is impeccable! To celebrate her biggest summer yet, DefineMe Creative Studio is excited to announce that it is entering into a long-term collaboration with Mattel to bring the official Classic Barbie™️ and Ken™️ fragrances to life. They are thrilled to first introduce Barbie™️ Eau de Parfum, an original scent - created in collaboration with renowned fragrance house Givaudan - that encapsulates the essence of playfulness and passion!

This dreamy, elevated fragrance combines a vibrant blend of floral and fruity notes, captivating your senses from the very first application. The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness, as juicy pomelo, strawberry nectar, red cherry, and dragon fruit dance together in a harmonious symphony. The top notes instantly lift your spirits and peak your curiosity for what comes next. As the fragrance evolves, it reveals its delicate heart with dahlia rose, gardenia, peony, and pink magnolia intermingling, forming an enchanted garden filled with blooms. The finale of this sensorial experience embraces you with its creamy and smooth lingering notes of sandalwood that add a touch of sophistication, while the scent of whipped cream evokes delightful memories of childhood. This hint of delicious nostalgia is blended with soft musk notes creating a sophisticated and luxuriously delectable undertone that lingers on your skin and leaves a trail of confidence in your wake.

Of note, there are currently 1.7 million searches a day for Barbie! Barbie™️ Eau de Parfum will be first to launch with a 100ml / 3.4 fl oz. Price $65. Pre-sales will debut on Amazon (affiliate friendly) as well as on the official Mattel page. Additionally, the fragrance will be available for presale at the DefineMe Creative Studio (affiliate friendly, shop on July 23rd. Orders will begin shipping beginning early August.

Retail partners include: Macy’s, Amazon, VonMaur and independent beauty boutiques throughout the US including Number 1 Beauty In Santa Monica CA.

Barbie® has proven that she is more than just a doll, she is the epitome of possibility, encouraging everyone to embrace their unique selves, shatter proverbial glass ceilings, and create their own narratives. Barbie™️ Eau de Parfum is the perfect signature scent to highlight confidence and inner beauty and remind you that anything is possible.

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